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Stained Concrete Austin TX

Welcome to Austin, Texas’s services for stained concrete. We are a reputable business specializing in offering residential and commercial customers high-quality stained concrete services. Our team of skilled installers is committed to providing outstanding outcomes that go above and above for our customers.

Services for Stained Concrete Austin TX

We offer acid staining, water-based staining, and concrete dyeing as stained concrete services. While water-based staining offers a larger variety of color options, acid staining is preferred for its distinctive and natural appearance. Concrete dyeing is a fantastic solution if you’re looking for a more vivid and consistent hue.

Our installers are highly skilled to achieve the greatest quality final product and only use the best supplies and tools. We take pleasure in our work and work hard to give our customers a stunning and durable stained concrete surface.


Why is concrete stained?

A concrete surface that has been stained or dyed to change color and appearance is known as stained concrete. The stain or dye penetrates the concrete’s surface, giving it a distinctive and natural appearance that highlights its beauty.

What is the lifespan of stained concrete?

With the proper maintenance, stained concrete is a surface that may survive for many years. Things like the caliber of installation, foot traffic, and maintenance level influence the longevity of stained concrete.

Do stained concrete floors squeak?

When wet, stained concrete can be hazardous, especially if the surface is high gloss. To boost traction and lower the risk of slipping, non-slip chemicals can be added to the stain or sealer.

Can customized stained concrete be made?

Yes, any pattern or color scheme can be matched to stained concrete. Our installers can produce various patterns and designs using stencils or freehand methods. We also provide a huge selection of color choices.

How long does it take to install something?

The magnitude and intricacy of the project will determine how stained concrete is installed. However, most jobs may be finished in a week to a few days. During the consultation phase, our installers will provide an estimated completion date.

What should I do to clean stained concrete?

Concrete that has been stained is reasonably simple to maintain and doesn’t take much work. Routine cleaning with water and a light detergent is usually enough to keep the surface looking clean and brand-new. To preserve the surface’s look and safeguard it from harm, it is also advised to reseal it every few years.

How much does stained concrete cost?

Stained concrete prices differ depending on the project’s size, the chosen stain or dye, and the degree of personalization. During the consultation process, our installers will offer a free price, and we work hard to offer cheap pricing without compromising quality.

Benefits of Staining Concrete

Comparing stained concrete to other flooring surfaces, there are many benefits. It may be tailored to complement any design or color scheme and is long-lasting and low maintenance. However, because it doesn’t require additional materials like carpet or tile, stained concrete is also environmentally beneficial.

Stained concrete is a fantastic alternative if you want to give your room a distinctive and natural aesthetic that improves its beauty. It may be used in various contexts, including homes, workplaces, and retail establishments, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

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In and around Austin, Texas, we offer stained concrete services. Our team of installers is committed to providing our clients with great outcomes, and we take pleasure in our work. We also make it simple for potential customers to reach us by including contact information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate if you want our stained concrete services. Our installation staff is committed to providing outstanding outcomes that surpass our customers’ expectations. For convenience, we offer a phone number and a contact form. We welcome your feedback. We’re also a trusted Austin garage floor epoxy service specialist.